Thursday, 18 July 2013

How to: Store your Nail Polish

 Attention all you nail polish addicts out there - yes, you.

If like me you sometimes run out of space to store all your pretty polishes, here are a few ideas of how to store them in an attractive and easy way!


I picked up one of these vintage style ridged jars from Dunelm Mill for just £3.99, a perfect way of storing your nail polishes in a neat and pretty way. I keep mine on my book shelf to create less clutter on my desk and it breaks up the monotony of just books and photo frames. I put a piece of white tissue paper on the base to keep all that noisy (and annoying) clinking at bay.


I bought this clear angled storage jar last year in an attempt to tidy up my clutter, and it works in the exact same way as the previous jar I mentioned. I tend to keep my glitter and nail effect polishes in this one, making it easier for me when I am choosing what shade to wear. You can pick these jars up at any home or DIY store, also TK Maxx are great at stocking storage solutions like this.

This was how I first began storing my polishes - in a cardboard box! Probably the most simple and effective way of all the ways you can store your nail collection (and cheap too!). All you need is a box, preferably one that is approximately the same height as your polish bottles as it makes it easier when picking them out. You can choose to keep the lid on or off, I keep mine off as I like to see the rainbow of colours it creates when you dot the top of the lid with the polish colour.

All you need is a pack of white round sticky adhesive labels, then you just need to dot the polish colour onto the label before removing it from the sheet. Once dry, remove the sticky label and apply it to the top of the nail polish lid. If you do not have white adhesive labels, you could also use a piece of plain white paper and stick it on with Pritt Stick. I organise mine in colour order, because I'm a little OCD like this - but look how pretty it looks!

Here are some other ways of storing your growing collection of polish: 


How do you store yours? Leave me a comment below or tweet me a photo @kcallen_xo :)

Kate xo

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